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Pink Rose Candle Scented |Candles Home Fragrance |Soy Aromatherapy Candles |Christmas Gift for men women/Yankee candles/Etsy candle non-toxic
Pink Rose Scented Candle | Candles Home Fragrance |Vegan Candle |Christmas Candle |Soy Aromatherapy Candles |Candle Home Décor |Pillar Candle| non-toxic Candles Nest New York/Esty/ Yankee for mens womens Gift
Pink Rose Scented Candles| Valentines Candles| Home Fragrance| Home Décor| Aromatherapy Candle| Best Smelling Aroma Soy Candles
Pink Rose Scented Candles| Valentines Candles| Home Fragrance| Home Décor| Aromatherapy Candle| Best Smelling Aroma Soy Candles
Pink Rose Scented Candles| Valentines Candles| Home Fragrance| Home Décor| Aromatherapy Candle| Best Smelling Aroma Soy Candles
Pink Rose Scented Candle | Candles Home Fragrance |Vegan Candle |Christmas Candle |Soy Aromatherapy Candles |Candle Home Décor |Pillar Candle| Candles Esty/ Yankee for men women Full Set Candle gift box
Pink Rose Scented Candles| Valentines Candles| Home Fragrance| Home Décor| Aromatherapy Candle| Best Smelling Aroma Soy Candles

Pink Rose Scented Candles| Valentines Candles| Home Fragrance| Home Décor| Aromatherapy Candle| Best Smelling Aroma Soy Candles

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Best Scented Candles Home Fragrance for Valentines Day Gift and A Special Treat for yourself

Introducing our Pink Rose scented candle inspired by nature; made with high quality soy wax, real dried flowers, real dried plants, and grade essential oil for an eco-friendly clean burn; emitting a strong without overwhelming, long-lasting, relaxing, complex fragrances. The best smelling scents to enhance your home scents.

There are 3 notes of aroma for the pink rose candle:
Top notes: Vanilla Pods, Damask Rose
Middle notes: Citron, Tonka Bean
Base notes: Almond, vanilla

Our pink rose scented candle is designed to have a "cold throw," or a faint and tantalizing fragrance that diffuses before the candle is lit.

When lit, it will release a complex and dynamic aroma that is made up of three layers of scent. The top notes, which are the initial scents that are most noticeable when the candle is first lit, include vanilla pods and damask rose. These scents will likely be the first ones you notice when you light the candle.

The middle notes, or the scents that become more noticeable after the top notes have evaporated, include citron and Tonka bean. These scents will add depth and complexity to the overall aroma of the candle.

The base notes, which are the scents that become noticeable after the top and middle notes have evaporated, include almond and vanilla. These scents will provide a lasting impression and help to anchor the overall aroma of the candle.

As the candle burns, the three layers of scent will be released, creating a constantly evolving aroma that may change as the candle burns.

The aroma of a pink rose candle is often linked to feelings of love and serenity. When lit, this candle can help to create a soothing and intimate atmosphere in a space for about 50 hours, potentially enhancing your mood and promoting relaxation through aromatherapy.

What Does the Pink Rose Candle Smell Like?

The scent of a pink rose candle will depend on the specific blend of essential oils used to create the fragrance. Generally, pink rose scented candles will have a floral and sweet scent, with notes of rose, almond, and vanilla. The scent of rose is often described as being delicate and romantic, with a slightly fruity and spicy aroma. When combined with sweet and warm notes like almond and vanilla, the result is a soothing and relaxing fragrance that is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

This Pink Rose candle Full Set with gift box order comes in a luxury gift box, making it a great gift for Christmas or any special occasion.

Order now while supplies last!

What Are the Health Benefits of Using Pink Rose Candles?

Here are some potential health benefits of using pink rose scented candles in aromatherapy:

  1. Stress and anxiety relief: Some studies have shown that rose oil may have a calming effect and may help reduce stress and anxiety.

  2. Improved sleep: The relaxing properties of rose oil may make it a helpful aid for sleep.

  3. Pain relief: Rose oil has been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of pain, including headaches and menstrual cramps.

  4. Skin care: Rose oil has been used for centuries as a natural skin care ingredient due to its hydrating and toning properties.

It's important to note that these potential health benefits are not fully established and more research is needed. As with any form of alternative therapy, it's a good idea to speak with a healthcare professional before using essential oils for therapeutic purposes.

Product Information

  • Material:
    Our aromatic candles are made with quality soy wax, real dried fruits, real dried beautiful flowers & plants, and premium essential oil.
  • Gasket is made by real wood. If it is cracked, that is normal
  • Candle Burn Time:
    about 50 hours
  • Sizes & Weights:
    Candle size: 7.2 * 7.2 * 10 cm
    Weight: 285g
    Single Candle comes with a simple box package (As the picture show)
    Size: 9 * 9 * 13cm
    Weight: 310g

Shipping & Handling
Process time
: 1 to 5 days
Shipping & Delivery: Standard shipping. Delivery time takes 10 to 20 days.

Pink Rose scented candle

Candle Full Set with Gift Box includes 1pc candle, wood gasket, and glass lid.

Scented Candle gift box


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